Subspace Distortion

by Ka Plaa

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released June 9, 2010

Paul and Nader - Guitar
Jared- Drums

Recorded and mixed by Paul
Mastered by Franco
Gang vocals by Tallahassee's finest



all rights reserved


Ka Plaa Tallahassee

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Track Name: Subspace Distortion
[verse 1:]this is the sound the earth has never heard before/lock up yr windows, lock up yr fuckin doors/subspace distortion, radiation battlefield/flying at the speed of light our speed will never yield/[chorus:] alien nation, magnetic pulse, jet thrusters, atom bombs/radiation, magnetic pulse, jet thrusters, atom bombs/[verse 2:]this is the sound that the earth has never heard before/the oxygen is running out and we need to get some more/black hole, event horizon can we escape?/make the jump to light speed diplomacy can wait/[chorus]
Track Name: Relish Tray Justice
[verse 1:]bang the gavel down, sparks in the air/modern Klingon justice is totally unfair/walk into the office, see the relish tray/soon enough you realize you'll be dead today/they lie, they cheat, they tell you you're not worthy/"they really have no authority to serve me"/they're cruel, they're mean, they lie, and they're vicious/then you try the relish tray and it tastes delicious [repeat verse 1] [chorus:] relish tray justice! (repeat x3)

inspired by Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Judgment"
Track Name: Qa'Pla
[chorus] who makes the world go round? ka plaa/then who brings it back down? ka plaa/we are the ones who came, ka plaa/to save the world, now behave, ka plaa/[verse:]we are ka plaa, we are the best/we have come to save the world from distress (repeat verse) [hook:] who makes the world go round?/then who brings it back down? [solo][chorus][hook]
Track Name: HyperMass
[verse 1:] Romulan attack, engage the thruster burst/evasive patter, Riker alpha first/photon extinction, retreat to the back/space battle attack! [chorus:]you're leader's dead, so watch out for the swarm/get the fuck off my bridge, you betrayed yr uniform/dead bodies everywhere, blood on the floor/stand the fuck up, you betrayed yr uniform! [verse 2:] one two get set think of the environment/one million more dead start another war/never ask what we are fighting for [chorus]

inspired by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes "The Die is Cast" and "For the Uniform"