We're Going Back to Earth

by Ka Plaa

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released April 30, 2012

Paul and Nader: Guitar
Curtis: Vocals
Jared: Drums

Recorded and mixed by Paul Hellinger



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Ka Plaa Tallahassee

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Track Name: Open Jacket Policy
At a function/at work/he's always got that open shirt/you try to show it off then you'll see/your outfit doesn't mean shit to me/[Chorus:] picard you wanna know what I think/picard I'm not a tool of society/picard if you want it you can have it/picard you've got that open jacket/his mission causes so much hurt/but still he's got that open shirt/respect authorities, respect officials/your life's not even worth a fucking nickel/[Chorus]

inspired by Captain Picard's ridiculous uniform in the later seasons of TNG
Track Name: I.T.A.
[chorus:]back back back I don't wanna know/wait wait wait I don't wanna go/klingon space/or federation space/I don't care I just wanna see a face/alpha quadrant/delta quadrant/beta and the gamma/we have searched long and hard qo'nos to indiana/look inside and you will find/there's nothing in between/klingon, human, romulan/we are all free/[chorus]