by Ka Plaa

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Self recorded and produced by: Paul Hellinger


released December 12, 2009

Vox, Lyrics: Curtis Ka Plaa
Guitar: Paul Ka Plaa
Other Guitar: Nader Ka Plaa
Drums: Jared Ka Plaa



all rights reserved


Ka Plaa Tallahassee

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Track Name: Fuck the Borg
[verse 1:]walk through the door, pick pick up the spiney footed way you walk/hate yr guts, hate yr talk, voice like fingernails on the chalkboard/walk back and see me standing, stare stare at you (fuck the borg!)/I see yr face, I see yr smile looking like a fucking child/[chorus:] fuck you and fuck the borg (repeat x3) [breakdown:] even yr breath tastes like bile, you liar! [verse 2:] walk through the door look look back, see you fucking standing there/remember yr face, remember you talk, voice like fingernails, on the chalkboard [chorus]
Track Name: Save the Whales
[verse 1:]when the earth is covered in water what are we gonna do?/holy science in the holy country, wait for flight to the moon/rockets fly we still starve, killing people for food [breakdown 1:]military, super science, radiation, people dying/ freezing cold, we've been sold, a thousand stories, to be told [verse 2:] (repeat first two lines of verse 1) [breakdown 2:] when the earth is covered in water, what are we gonna do? (repeat verse 2)

inspired by Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and in honor of environmental efforts all across Florida
Track Name: Deer Park
[verse:]have you been to the english deer park, have you been to the english deer park?/it's a menstrual rag/have you been down south this year, they haven't had an idea in two years [chorus:] no no it's all the fucking same (repeat x3) [verse] [chorus]
[chorus:] no, no explosion in the city/my life's become a fucking black hole/implosion, detecting oscillations in the soul/ this place isn't holy anymore

inspired by The Fall "Fortress/Deer Park"
Track Name: Entropy
[verse 1:] don't drink the water/siva said to job/technicolor fantasy reflection in the snow/she acted like she never heard like she didn't know/ her soul fell from under him watch the wind blow/ her soul, watch the wind blow [breakdown:] there she lay in the garden, jean luc all around/"I'll show you how the magic works" and then he took her down [verse 2:] awakened from celestial heaven awakened from a dream/"reality my dear may not be what it seems"/reality, fuck live long and prosper
Track Name: Life's a Dream
[verse 1:] get outta yr car and go for a ride/lifes a fucking dream I got nothing to hide/[chours:] woah oh ah oh oh ah oooh (repeat x3)/ [breakdown:] get out get into the sun/get in yr car and get into the sun/get in yr car and ride into the sun/come on lets go lets get into the sun/[verse 2:] got no dreams and I got no soul/tell me where to be now I gotta fucking go/get a job I don't care/got no money got no future lifes a fucking scam [chorus]